Four Examples of Green Building Materials

For nearly 40 years, William “Bill” Starkey led Starkey Construction as CEO. Working predominantly in Texas, the business was known for building high-end custom homes. William Starkey of Montgomery, Texas also kept the company dedicated to using green building materials whenever possible. The following are examples of popular green building materials:

1. Bamboo – A fast-growing grass, bamboo is a sustainable alternative for wood. Not only does it resemble the aesthetic of wood, but it regenerates faster than trees. It is also available in many colors and styles that bring different personalities into a home.

2. Cork – In commercial spaces and homes, cork has become an increasingly popular flooring option. This is because harvesting cork does not harm the tree, making it very renewable, and the material has hypoallergenic and fire retardant qualities.

3. Strawbale – Good for framing or filling in gaps in the framework, straw is easily harvested and replanted with little impact on the environment. Meanwhile, it offers good soundproofing and insulation for buildings, thus helping homes save on energy costs.

4. Recycled steel – Using recycled or reclaimed steel in the framing of buildings increases the structure’s durability against earthquakes and saves trees. The material is entirely recyclable, so the use of it in new construction reduces ecological impact significantly.

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