Affordable and Sustainable Housing for Low-Income Households

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A Montgomery, Texas resident, William “Bill” Starkey led Starkey Construction for more than 35 years. The company built luxury homes, schools, churches, and hospitals using premium materials. Besides custom-built homes, William Starkey is also interested in sustainability regarding house design, construction methods, and execution.

Advocates of sustainable design and construction assert that low-income individuals and families will benefit more in the long run if they live in houses that are not only affordable but also energy-efficient, durable, and have better indoor air quality. This notion comes at an opportune time when state housing agencies are prioritizing building more affordable housing for millions of low-income households.

To reach a middle-ground, designers and architects that are pro-green housing analyze different ways to achieve affordable and sustainable living for people in need. Some are diverting funds from landscaping and other non-essential parts of a house into energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, doors, windows, and appliances. In some cases, switching to eco-friendly paints and coatings can reduce exposure to harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, using low-flush toilets is efficient and economical.

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