Water Efficiency in New Construction

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William “Bill” Starkey spent 37 years as the chief executive officer of Starkey Construction in Waxahachie, Texas, which was ranked by BuildZoom.com in the top 37 percent of more than 222,000 Texas licensed contractors. Under William Starkey’s guidance, the Montgomery construction firm utilized a number of strategies to improve water efficiency.

Construction designs that conserve water not only save home and business owners money, but also add value and aesthetic appeal to properties. As water becomes more expensive and scarce, water-efficient designs are in high demand.

On the interior, builders can install water-conserving plumbing features such as waterless urinals or low-flow toilets, which can cut indoor water use by roughly 30 percent. Outdoors, planting native and drought-tolerant plants reduces water consumption, while installing a rainwater harvesting and irrigation system minimizes the need for watering. In commercial settings, shallow, tree-lined canals called bioswales collect rainwater and reduce runoff from hard surfaces such as parking lots, in addition to creating attractive green landscaping.

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